Cham Hotel Cham, Switzerland



Gruner+Friends, Basel/Remote

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Cham Hotel serves as a landmark into Cham and as a city gate at the same time. Inspired by local peaks, the project is envisioned as a mountainous landscape. It lifts the user from a flat topography to allow for unhindered views of the lake and the mountains in the distance. Building shape and its orientation emerge through an in-depth study of design parameters, enabled by AI. 

We collect data from the site and its environment to create, evaluate and optimise our designs. This data focuses on views, surfaces, costs and environmental conditions. We used these parameters to define optimal orientation, size, and height of the building to evaluate the site's potential views for building orientation and shape. We aimed to limit the building height adjacent to the neighbouring building to avoid blocking current views. Through an in-depth solar analysis, we ensured natural daylight and optimal energy performance for the project while also analysing data from the local environment to confine the building height for the segment near the highway to minimise noise pollution from highway traffic. This method allows us to create valuable spaces, smarter designs, and enjoyable atmospheres. We can then quantitatively evaluate the thousands of iterations generated and ensure architecture of optimal quality.


Practice Gruner  Partner
Tom Benson  Computational Designer
Calvin Sin  Computational Designer
Rahul Giris  Computational Designer